M.S. Mayfair
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Live the Dream
On board of the M.S. Sherry Boat you can encounter a warm ambience filled with magnificent spaces, sun-kissed comfort and refined cuisine complete with a striking lineup of late night entertainment. Mystic, exotic and as old as time itself, daydream into the waters of the Nile River on M.S. Sherry Boat.
Anticipate True Luxury
Aboard M.S. Mayfair you will be taken on a ride to sophisticated accommodation, tranquil relaxation & delectable dining, complemented by an unprecedented sense of discovery along the Nile. Anticipate contemporary luxury with a stunning Nile panorama on M.S. Mayfair.
A New Avenue Awaits You
En route M.S. Esplanade, retreat to interiors wrapped with a rich allure, extravagant comfort, pure serenity and lavish dinners topped off with naturally harmonious sight-seeing. Where contemporary lavishness meets the sandy dunes of Egyptian deserts, a cruise here translates into a rare, unparalleled

Savor the Sweet Life
Indulge in the sweet life aboard M.S. May Flower and discover grandeur elegance set off by regal accommodation, succulent flavours, a flair of fun and exciting night time celebrations. Cruise past the rich history and timeless beauty of Egypt on M.S. May Flower
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